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Animal 2 is the 2nd chapter of Tarako Kotobuki's Sex Pistols.

A young boy recently discovers his new ability to see people as humanoid animals and exposes their sexual desire.


Kunimasa push Norio down to the ground at his entrance hall. He continual tries to advance his sexual desire on to Norio, who was embarrass of his situation when they are interrupts by a mystery girl opening the door.

Next day, Teruhiko is have a great day gardening at the school’s garden. Norio is having the opposite effect and is staking rocks on to each other on the ground, have no idea what to do. He rethinks about what just happen yesterday. The mystery girl started yelling at Kunimasa, when it was reveal that she was Kunimasa’s girlfriend. Kunimasa shows guilt free face that Norio kick him in the face for pissing him off. Terihiko is surprise by Norio’s story and wonder if he would get along with Kunimasa because it was only normal for Madararui’s lifestyle, which cause Norio off guard. Terhiko start explaining the history of Madararui.

Meanwhile, Kunimasa is walking around campus all grumpy and even scare off Mumei. He is wondering where Norio went off to, since he can’t find him anywhere at school and he won’t pick up his phone.

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