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Hiromasa Aogiri
Hiromasa Aogiri
Origin Madararui
Species Jyanome Jyanome
Trait Inugami Inugami
Seed Heavy
Gender Male
Age 27
Personal Status
Occupation Surgeon
Nationality Flag of Japan Japan
Citizenship Flag of JapanJapan
Partner Shima Tokashiki (husband)
Relative(s) Masaru (son)

Shimako (daughter)
Mrs. Aogiri (mother)
Oushou Aogiri
(younger brother)
Mr. Tokashiki
Mrs. Tokashiki
Ume Tokashiki

Manga Debut Animal 10



Hiromasa is famous at the hospital where he works as a surgeon. The nurses adore him as the gentle, good-looking doctor, and often comment about how he's nothing like a snake and more of a golden retriever given his blood-line (and why he is only partially heavy-seed). He always appears with gentle smile and never talks bad about anyone; he is caring and nice to everyone but underneath it all, his personality is completely the opposite and his outward personality is mostly just a farce! Beneath all the kindness and clam, Hiromasa is actually quite arrogant, mean and shrewd just like any other serpent. He is possessive of people he love; e.g: when Shima got pregnant and suspected that the baby was Kunimasa's, he forcefully tried to make Shima abort the baby (by pressing the magoose's belly!)



Hoshino is a madararui, he is able to see people's soul to know whether they are either a madararui or kakuen. His madararui is a jyanome and he can transform into a habu (Japanese snake). He is stronger than an average person and he is very likeable person because of his dog trait.



  • In Japanese, Hiromasa mean "wise and straightforward."