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Joshua McBear
Origin Madararui
Species Onikuma Onikuma
Seed Heavy
Gender Male
Age 16
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
Nationality Flag of the United States United States
Partner Teruhiko Kumakashi (fiance)
Manga Debut Animal 8
Anime Debut Episode 2


he's a tall guy with green eyes and red hair (more like orange), with a short cut hair and large complexion, muscular and a mature air, even though he is a brat.


Joshua keeps a composed and mature air at all times, since he is the second son of the most poweful Onikuma family from the entire world. Even so he is actuallypretty bratty and likes to be spoiled, and he pretty much act like that only in front of people that he likes or trust.


General Story Line

When he was younger Joshua has a huge complex about his height, since he was one of the smallest child in the entire bear community, even smaller than girls. And the one who encouraged him at the time he spent crying during the parties was Teruhiko, who became his first love and the target of his obsession.

Originally, the paper of the hired breeding partner for Teruhiko was supposed to be his brother, but his butler intercepted the request and by lowering his price, Joshua stole the place from his brother.



Manga Series

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  • In Hebrew, Joshua mean "Yahweh (God's name) is salvation."