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Kunimasa Madarame
Kunimasa Madarame
Origin Madararui
Species Nekomata Nekomata
Trait Jyanome Jyanome
Seed Heavy
Gender Male
Age 18
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
(3rd year)


Nationality Flag of the United States United States

Flag of Japan Japan

Citizenship Flag of Japan Japan
Partner Norio Tsuburaya (lover)
Relative(s) David Woodville (father)

Makio Madarame (mother)
Seymour Maximilian (stepfather)
Karen Tokashiki (stepmother)
Shinobu Tokashiki
(older half-brother?)
Yonekuni Madarame
(older half-brother)
(younger half-brother)
Manami Tokashiki
(younger half-brother)
Richard Woodville (uncle)

Manga Debut Animal 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Yoshihisa Kawahara

Kiyoyuki Yanada
(CD Drama)


Kunimasa have a scary face and have a hard time to dealing with people. He is a tall young man, who wear glasses when he is in uniform. He have black hair and brown eyes.

His soul's appearance is a large black and white jaguar.


Kunimasa have difficult expressing his true feeling. He is very horny and loves to have sex with numerous women much to Norio's disgust. He is easily angered when being ignored and is hard to deal with. Though he is shown to have a caring side as well. He is left confused when experiencing new emotions.


General Story Line

Kunimasa has a twisted personality due to his mother (Makio's) raising, which caused him to think that love is unnecessary to breeding, and that way of thinking was one of the main cause of his relationship problems with Norio.

Eventually after a large fight with Norio and noticing that the other is growing further apart from him he gets angry and jealous. Eventually after a dangerous event he finally realizes that what he feels towards Norio is love.

Though he is still hell-bent on breeding with Norio.


Kunimasa is a madararui, he is able to see people's soul to know whether they are either a madararui or kakuen. His madararui is a nekomata and he can transform into a white spotted jaguar. He is stronger than an average person and is able to swim because of his snake trait.



  • In Japanese, Kuni mean "country," Masa mean "straightforward" and combine them together mean "straightforward country."