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Origin Kakuen Kakuen
Seed Flight
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
(1st year)
Nationality Flag of Japan Japan
Manga Debut Animal 1
Anime Debut Episode 1


Mumei have an average height for teenager and is well slim. He has blonde hair and wear his uniform neatly.


Mumei have a upbeat personality and is nice to his friend, Norio. He have a funny side when seeing Norio's freaking out. He has thing for Reiko, the high school idol. He sometimes tease his friend when he see an opening.


Norio & Kunimasa Round IEdit

When his friend, Norio Tsuburaya return to school after recovering from his fracture leg that was cause by his scooter accident, Mumei become smitten by Norio's pheromones and accidentally lay his face on his chest. He apologizes for his behavior and follow him to class.

The next day, Norio greet him and he was nervous because of how scary his scent become. They discuss about Madarame who he doesn't recognize since, he doesn't know much about 3rd year students and he hasn't join any club. He does recognize Reiko Tanaka who is the school idol and she physical ignore them when they try to greet her in the hallway.


Mumei is a kakuen and have no special ability beyond a regular human.



  • Mumei is not his actual name, the readers get to pick his name because his name in the manga is left blank for the reader to chose for themselves.
  • In Japanese, Mumei mean "no name or nameless."