The Cursed Lamp
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The Cursed Lamp is the 2nd omake of Tarako Kotobuki's Sex Pistols.

A young king received an old lamp. Within the lamp, there was a genie.


A magical lamp was given to a young king, but he found it uninteresting, so he toss it away repeatedly. For some reason, it keep reappearing back to him. Suddenly, a genie came out of the lamp and was furious of the king for tossing him away, especially for throwing him into the ocean because he was afraid of drowning. In respond to the genie, the king beheaded the genie with his sword. The genie reattached his head and told the king that he wont dies so easily.

The genie explain the grant wishing rules to their new relationship when the young king start rubbing the lamb, which cause the genie become horny. The horny genie start to sexually advance the the young king. He started to express his love for the king and his body. In a panic, the king lies to him, saying he too was in love with him and want him to stay with him.

The young king sealed the genie back into his lamp and tell his servants to throw lamp far away from his kingdom. The genie is furious again with the king for sealing him back into his lamp and throwing him away again. The king also tell them, if the lamp return to him, he will executed them. In respond, the servants are in shocked and leave.

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