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Teruhiko Kumakashi
Origin Madararui
Species Onikuma Onikuma
Seed Light
Gender Male
Age 18
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
(3rd year)
Nationality Flag of Japan Japan
Partner Joshua McBear (fiance)
Relative(s) Hoshino Kumakashi (mother)

Mrs. Kumakashi (grandmother)

Manga Debut Animal 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Jin Domon


Teruhiko is a very tall teenager and is well-dressed in his uniform or business suit. He has black hair and brown eyes.


Teruhiko has a big heart and loves being happy. He enjoys gardening at school, especially with Norio. He is not afraid to show his emotions, especially to Kunimasa.

He has a maiden heart and is feminine by all aspect. He dreamed of having a normal romance that would last forever, but instead he was struck by an arranged breeding with stranger and was totally opposed. Still,he fell for the bratty, spoiled, younger guy that treated him with a lot of care and love.


General Story Line

At the beginning, Teruhiko was in love with Norio even when he was a monkey. He was so in love that he sent him a love letter composed of13 notebooks. But after being dumped by him and stuck with the arranged breeding, he ended up falling in love with the spoiled and mature only for show Joshua McBear, who he actually shared a past experience with.


Teruhiko is a madararui, he is able to see people's souls to know whether they are either a madararui or kakuen. His madararui is an onikuma and he can transform into an Asian moon bear. He has the strength of a bear and the ability to track by scent.



  • In Japanese, Teru means "brilliant," while Hiko mean "prince" and the combination means "brilliant prince."